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Facial Hair

As we age the facial hair and the color of facial hair change. Hair grows more bushy and like the hair on the head the color of facial hair often also turns gray. People know that these are signs of ageing. But it is also very easy to change these age-revealing signals whether they are about bushy hair or graying hair.

That we age is revealed to ourselves and to the rest of the world through changes in our body, our skin, and in our hair, including men's facial hair. In the Age-revealing Facial Hair Overview you can learn what signals different types of hair have.

In the Facial Hair Adjustment Guidelines there are suggestions on what to do in order to change the age-revealing hair signals.

Age-revealing Facial Hair Overview

Hair type Influence on age-related appearance
Sideburns Has influence on signalling age when unfashionable and/or gray
Beards Has influence on signalling age when unfashionable and/or gray
Eyebrows Has influence on signalling age, especially when bushy
Ear hair Has influence on signalling age
Nose hair Has influence on signalling age

Facial Hair Adjustment Guidelines

Hair type Suggested adjustment(s)
Sideburns If gray
- Shave them
- Reduce them
- Color them
Beards See the Age Profile For Beards Overview and find out if you signal the age that you prefer to signal
Eyebrows Remove long sticky hair
Ear hair Remove regularly
Nose hair Remove regularly


From time to time beards and other facial hair may become fashionable. In the Age Profile For Beards Overview you can see what age different kinds of facial hair signals. If you have facial hair and you want to change the age you signal you can use the Age Profile For Beards Overview to find out how you can get to look younger.

Age Profile For Beards Overview

Age Profile Types of beards 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s
Stubble X X
Stubble if gray X X
Full beard, any length X X X

Full beard, any length, if gray X X
Goatee, trimmed X X
Goatee, trimmed, if gray
Moustache (any kind) X X
Moustache, if gray X X

Use the Hair Removing Techniques and Tools Guide to find out the techniques and tools you have at your disposal if you want to reduce facial and other hair.

Hair Removing Techniques and Tools Guide

Hair removal technique/tool Effect Where generally used by men
Shaving Short-term All over
Trimming with hair trimmer Short-term Head hair; chest hair; hair on stomach
Nose hair trimmer Short-term Nose hair; ear hair
Scissors Short-term Hair on head; sometimes other hair types
Pincers Long-term Eyebrows; individual hair all over the body, in particular gray hairs
Cream* Short-term Legs
Vaxing* Long-term Back and shoulders
Veet* Long-term Small areas with short hairs
Laser** Permanent Back and shoulders

* Follow instructions on product
** Should only be carried out by a medical professional


In general it is possible to color facial hair but use the Facial Hair Overview to find find out if you should ask a professional at a hair salon or DIY.

Facial Hair Overview

Technique Hair type Hair salon DIY
Beards X X
Side burns (with hair) X X
Eyebrows X Not recommended
Eye lashes X Not recommended

Use the Color Selection Guidelines to find out which color to use when coloring facial hair.

Color Selection Guidelines

Facial hair Most Natural Looking Color Suggestions
Beard One or two tones lighter or darker than hair on head
Sideburn Same color or one tone lighter as hair on head
Eyebrow Same as hair on head or one or two tones lighter or darker than hair on head
Eyelashes (if graying) Brown unless hair on head is black

Color will go back to natural color after some time. This takes as long time as it takes for the hair to grow. On eyebrows and eyelashes colored hair will fall off and be replaced with new non-coloared hair. For eyelashes this will take 1-2 months; for eyebrows 2-3 months or longer.

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