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Getting Started

Is it time to get started looking younger? You have to decide what will work best for you, and what you feel comfortable changing about yourself. Do you want to make just a few adjustments-or do you want a complete make-over? No matter what you decide, here are some tools that will help you get started.

By Henrik Vejlgaard, editor,

On television and in magazines we can watch or read about people getting make-overs. Not all of these make-overs are about looking younger; many are "just" about getting a certain style or beauty ideal. There are many ways to get a make-over, and often a little patience will get you the best results. Therefore, be prepared for the process of looking younger to take some time.

There are several reasons why it could take a couple of months or longer. It costs money to buy new clothing, and you do not get a fitter body or lose weight in a short time. Also, maybe you do not feel the need to take all options into account at once. You may choose to just take some of the inspiration right now. At a later point in time you may want use the rest.

But before starting on looking younger let's have a look at what are NOT age revealers. Each of us has a beauty ideal, and in society in general there are always certain prevalent beauty ideals. They will change from time to time but they are evident everywhere we look. Looking younger following the principles of Look Younger Magazine is not just about a certain beauty ideal. There are many elements in a person's appearance that have nothing to do with looking younger but are about a certain beauty ideal or about looking sexy.

What are not age revealers


You will not find advice on any of these issues in Look Younger Magazine simply because they have no influence on looking younger. They are visual signals that are neutral age revealers. Having a gap between your teeth does not say anything about your age. Having a gap between her front teeth has never made singer Madonna, born in 1958, look older.

Many things about looks and beauty ideals are not actually about age. If you are not happy about your appearance this may affect how you approach life. Then you have to find out if you want to change what bothers you, find out what can be done about it, and plan what you want to do about it. But all changes will not automatically make you look younger-you may "just" end up looking more beautiful according to your own-and other peoples'-beauty ideals. It is important to be aware that you can look younger without changing what bothers you from a purely cosmetic point of view because many of the things that may bother you are age neutral.

Look Younger Magazine is based on the 10 Golden Rules of Look Younger Magazine Formula on looking younger. If you start by paying attention to the Golden Rules you have a very good starting point. Maybe you cannot use all the Rules in your makeover, but the more of the Rules you apply, the younger you will end up looking.

The 10 Golden Rules of Look Younger Magazine

  1. The slimmer you are, the younger you look.
  2. The fitter you are, the younger you look.
  3. The more trendy you dress, the younger you look.
  4. The trendier accessories you wear, the younger you look.
  5. The fewer wrinkles you have, the younger you look.
  6. The whiter teeth you have, the younger you look.
  7. The longer hair you have, the younger you look
  8. The more natural hair color you have, the younger you look
  9. The less grey hair you have, the younger you look
  10. The trendier make-up you use, the younger you look.

Because all the Rules may not be relevant you need to make your own individual plan. You can do so by using this Easy-planner Checklist:

Easy-planner Checklist

  1. First find out what you want to do
  2. Decide when you want to do it
  3. Then do it
  4. Did it achieve what you expected?

Often it will become more real if you write down what you want to do

What I want to do When I want to do it Done or not done How it made me look and feel

Your own comfort about the changes is the most important thing. Of course, it is also always nice to get positive responses from other people. Some will volunteer their comments, but you have to prepare yourself that these comments may not always be positive. That does not mean that you have not achieved what you wanted. Actually you may have achieved it too well. Some people do not like changes (even in other people), some will be envious of you because you look younger, some will feel that your effort is unnecessary, that you look ridiculous, and there may dozens of other reasons for negative comments.

In order to find out how you should react to negative comments, try first to figure out the person's motive for saying what he or she does. While enviousness is unpleasant when we are confronted with it, it is a fact of life. When we are confronted with it, one way of dealing with it is accepting it as the other person's problem.

If you want to find out if you have succeeded in looking younger, ask people whom you trust to tell you their perception of you. This can be people that you already know or it could be people that you have never met before or just barely know. When you start getting the same comments again and again you are probably getting answers you can trust.

If you get comments that you can use, it is a good idea to keep track of them, and, especially if they make you feel good, they are worth remembering. You can use this log as an inspiration on how to keep track of comments.

Comments on my look

Name Comment My comments


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