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Being open-minded is typical of young people. Other people perceive you as younger if you stay open-minded.


Learning how to adjust to different life phases is important, not with respect to how you look but to how you feel about your age.


What a phone can
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Youthful Hair Styles
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Quick Guide to
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Facial hairWhat to do when the
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How food can make us look younger - myth and reality.


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Target Group

Our main target group consists of women between the biological ages of 45-69. According to the 2000 U.S. Census there were 70,000,000 women between the ages 45-69 in 2000. This number has since increased by because there were 45 million women in the 35-44 age group in the 2000 Census - about half of them are now in the 45+ age group. And the number will be growing in the future (the number of people leaving the 45-69 age group is smaller than the number entering the age group). The target group currently consists of 80,000,000+ American women. According to recent surveys 81% of the target group are online.

In 2001 more than 6.5 million American women had cosmetic surgery according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). 72 percent of these women were 35 years or older. The majority of procedures were non-invasive. More than 1,800,000 women above the age of 49 had some kind of youth-enhancing procedure done in 2001. This number has risen every year since then. Accumulating the number of women who have had cosmetic plastic surgery through the years concludes that more than 20,000,000 American women have had some kind of youth-enhancing procedure done by a doctor. In 2007 more than 12 million American women had cosmetic surgery. These women want to look younger than their biological age and the 30.000.000+ American women who by now have had some kind of cosmetic surgery procedure carried out comprise the core target group for Look Younger Magazine.

Context-based Advertising
Look Younger Magazine offers advertisers context-based adversing. Not only do you as an advertiser get access to a well-defined target group you can also make sure that the target group is interested in your product because we can place banners directly in the sections that focus on the advertiser's product category. We have more than 20 different sections that are relevant to these industries:

• Clothes and accessories
• Skincare, make-up, and fragrance
• Cosmetic surgery
• Lifestyle products

Banner types include horizontal and vertical. We offer four different banner sizes:

- Leaderboard 500 px x 160 px
- Skyscraper 180 px x any height
- Big Box 500 px x 200 px
- Small Box 220 px x 100 px

- Leaderboard: 700 US$ per month
- Skyscraper: 600 US$ per month
- Big Box: 500 US$ per month
- Small Box: 300 US$ per month

Directory Listing
Get listed - for free - on our directory targeting women and men who want to look younger. The Look Younger Magazine Directory is searchable by category, city, and country. The following categories are currently available:

• Cosmetic Surgeons
• Dermatologists
• Spas
• Beauticians
• Nutritionists
• Weightloss experts
• Fitness/exercise
• Other

To be listed in the Directory, please fill out this form.

Sponsored Links
The internet creates the possibility of connecting consumer and product in many new ways. While it is always the editors of Look Younger Magazine who decide the content and mention of products, companies, organizations, and persons in the magazine it possible to link from the mention in the magazine to the website of the product, company, organization, or person is mentioned in Look Younger Magazine. A link can be sponsored for a minimum of three months. Prices for a sponsored link start at US$ 500. We also place sponsored links in our Links section. In this section a sponsored link can be placed for a minimum of six months for US$ 500.

Co-branding Partnerships
Look Younger Magazine will take part in endorsement deals that help consumers select products and brands that help them look younger. All co-branding projects are carefully considered by the editors of the magazine. Endorsements allow the use of the Look Younger Magazine name and logo, for instance, in the following way